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Who We Are

Plough-Back Consulting is a strategy management consultancy, specializing in financial management, acquisition and advisory services, cost estimation and analysis, and data analytics. Beyond our technical capabilities, Plough-Back is passionate about promoting and engaging in socially responsible corporate behaviors including ethics, safety, and environmentally conscious business practices.

Small and Medium Enterprises and Federal Government organizations engage Plough-Back to provide services ranging from portfolio financial management and business valuation to project control and cost estimation. Our project engagement teams strive to gain a clear understanding of our customers' business performance goals. By doing so, we're prepared to develop road maps targeting high ROI projects and transactions, as well as business process improvements—driven by sound research and data analysis.


A Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), Tim Carter formed Plough-Back Consulting in 2008 as a boutique consultancy, specializing in project financial management and business transaction advisory services. Since our formation, we have evolved and diversified our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers.


The naming of Plough-Back is based on our commitment to developing solutions that help small and medium enterprises create economic profits, thereby affording growth opportunities through capital reinvestment. Similarly, we support Federal Government organizations in selecting high ROI acquisition programs coupled with project management execution, resulting in economic benefits and operational efficiencies.